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Liaison Service for Reviewer Remuneration

For registered Authors and registered Reviewers who have negotiated a reviewing fee, SciOR provides liaison service using the following procedure:

  1. The Author contacts SciOR (by email) to provide the name and email address of the reviewer, and the amount (in Canadian or US dollars) of the negotiated reviewing fee.
  2. SciOR then contacts the Reviewer (by email) to request submission of the review, by email attachment, directly to SciOR. The Reviewer is also asked to confirm the amount of the reviewing fee and is requested to provide a postal mailing address for receiving payment.
  3. When SciOR has received the review, the Author then receives instructions (by email), regarding how to submit the reviewer fee (plus a 10% handling charge) using Paypal.
  4. When the Author’s payment has been received by SciOR, the Reviewer is notified accordingly and instructed to upload the review to SciOR.
  5. When the review has been uploaded and hence available to the Author, SciOR then arranges for the Reviewer to receive (by posted mail) a cheque (in Canadian or US dollars) for the amount of the reviewing fee.