What SciOR Does —

Twitter picture - small   SciOR  is a not-for-profit service — run by  researchers, for  researchers …


— providing authors  with:

  • a profile page for posting titles and abstracts of papers that authors wish to have peer reviewed;
  • option to post original date-stamped, un-reviewed manuscripts in a permanent public SciOR Pre-Print Archive — to establish author priority / precedence for a novel idea/finding;
  • opportunity to invite reviewers for their papers — including from a listing of other registered members — and to work together with reviewers to improve their papers;
  • liaison for arranging any negotiated reviewer remuneration, to ensure that reviews are well executed and timely;
  • posting of their revised, peer-reviewed papers (and their reviews), ready for perusal by journal editors;

providing reviewers  with:

  • a profile page for advertising their reviewing services;
  • a reputation economy, by publishing a record of previous reviewing service;
  • a listing of posted papers available for reviewing, and author contact information for making an offer to review;
  • liaison for arranging any negotiated remuneration for reviewing — as fair and motivating compensation for professional service;
  • posting of their reviews linked to revised papers that are ready for perusal by journal editors;

providing editors  with:

  • a registry of author and reviewer profiles;
  • direct access to revised peer-reviewed papers — together with posted reviews — for which offers can be made to authors for publication in the editors’ journals.