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Science Open Reviewed: Connecting authors with reviewers for journals
to get started — as an author, reviewer, or editor.

"We are not aware of any compelling evidence to suggest that a critical mass of scholars is offering comments in open journal forums, …  Scholars usually read something once to determine its usefulness; given a choice, the version they will want to read will be the final, peer-reviewed one.Harley, D. (2013) Scholarly communication: cultural contexts, evolving models.  Science 342: 80-82.  10.1126/science.1243622

Science Open Reviewed is a new online community of researchers in the natural sciences, health sciences, and social sciences  using a unique model for promoting:

  • efficient and accountable author-directed open (non-blind) peer review;
  • effective reviewer participation incentives and reputation metrics; and
  • rapid dissemination of discovery and commentary. 

SciOR is free to everyone because it is not operated by a profit-driven commercial enterprise, nor by a traditional paywall-based journal — but by front-line researchers, using a novel library-based scholarly communication system, sponsored by a leading university research institution.1  (Some options at SciOR have a nominal charge for cost-recovery only.)

SciOR gives you control with four easy steps for getting your paper peer-reviewed professionally and published quickly: 

1.  Join — register and post your paper on SciOR to advertise its title and abstract;

2.  Invite — connect with other members, or contact other good reviewers and reputable researchers in your field about joining SciOR, and invite them to review your paper;

3.  Work together — network, interact, and collaborate with your reviewers to improve your paper, including with their reviews posted on SciOR; 

4.  Submit — contact journals of your choice and invite editors to register at SciOR to inspect your revised paper and its reviews, as a submission for publication.2 

... more:  How SciOR Works

1  SciOR is based at Queen’s University, Canada, where — for its advisory board — it draws from the Queen’s community of over 400 researchers within the natural, health, and social sciences.  

2  Peer-reviewed papers registered with SciOR, including with reviewer commentaries, can be published in any journal that provides an offer of acceptance, including Proceedings of Science Open Reviewed.

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